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Colors, Faith, Life

I haven't always been intuitive, or at least I haven't realized how much my intuition is a great aspect of my life until I started exploring things I didn't know before. I met someone who introduced me to spiritual depths I hadn't experienced before. What I found was a world that fit me well and made me whole. 

I've always had my faith though. That's been a solid as long as I can remember. I know God is of love and takes care of me and has a prominent part of my life. Whatever I may wonder or not wonder about my life, that's one sure thing going on. 

Throughout all these years, I developed my intuition and came to specialize in understanding the color coded messages we create. From your favorite color, to the one you dislike, to everything in're saying a message. When you look inside your closet, you can see the colors you've brought into your world and the colors that are absent. It's an amazing thing really. 

I also intuitively speak or write words of encouragement or guidance about a variety of topics. From the snail mail letters I've written (and continue to write) to giving words that cause surprise or the release of long held fears. It's amazing and sometimes I don't even realize I am delivering an important message. The words flow so well that it seems like random conversation to me. Yet, when they're the supernatural, divine words, I see or know the transformation taking place. It fills me with peace to know someone else gains peace from my helpfulness. 

Here is the space I offer my color readings to you. I can also help with mentoring you in some aspect of your life. If you're "living in the between" like I do...having faith and being psychic. Or if you're going through something else "in the between" and want a guiding, intuitive friend that's outside of the situation, I can help with that. 

My mentorship aspect starts with a color reading, a card reading, and works it's way to us having email conversations twice a week for a month's time. It will end with another card reading to see where things are looking since the shifts and changes. You can order this month to month if you feel like we're getting somewhere within the first month, but not far enough along for you to be quite yet confident.