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more about me

Welcome !!

I want to express more of who I am here so you can get an idea and feel for me possibly being the right fit for what you're seeking. 

I have always been intuitive on an emotional level. What this means is, I give hugs when needed, encouraging words for boosting your self-esteem, and even words to help you with things you are going through. 

I do these things by way of conversations (both spoken and written). Many years ago, I gave a Handwritten Hug letter as an encouragement to a friend. The feedback was so phenomenal that I was amazed at how deeply I touched the person. I've been writing these letters ever since. Sometimes I get a mental list of specific people to write to. Of all the things I do, this is my most favorite one. I love giving light to someone in an emotional place they hide from most people. 

I started on this path needing my own answers and discovered I'm quite gifted in many ways where the psychic realm is concerned. I realized at some point I fit "in the between" of things and am helpful wherever I am needed. I have helped people with building a deeper, clearer faith. I have touched the hurting soul that needed touching. I help people believe in their individual magnificence. I believe everyone has a unique path and truth. I believe what works for me may not work for someone else. My goal is simply to help that person take a couple of steps forward so that they can get unstuck from the murky that holds them back and get back on track of progress and growth and shining. 

If you are looking for someone to help you in any of these aspects, please do get with me. I'd love to be your cheerleader. 
April Daisy